Diwali weekend twin rides

Road to Lavasa, covered in fog

Though I had 4 days off during the Diwali weekend, I could barely ride due to my lazyness and some pending works to be completed. But when I got opportunity to do two small rides, I grabbed them with both hands.

First one was to Lonawala on Saturday evening, 10th Nov 2007, to team up with Arpan (Pulsar 220) and Alok (Pulsar 180 DTSi), who were riding to Bangalore. With Praveen (Pulsar 180 DTSi) willing to join me (CBZ) from Pune, we decided to ride via Pawana to view Sunset there.

We decided to explore some new route and took the road via Hinjewadi. Unfortunatly we took a road that got us within striking distance of Pawana, with just a small stone, ok ok it was a small hill, seperating us from Pawana as the road ended in dead end :-(. Following are some pics from the evening ride.

Suntset, very close to Pawana but on a road that leads to no where

Very close to Pawana but on a road that leads to no where

Very close to Pawana but on a road that leads to no where

Next ride was on Sunday morning to Lavasa. I finally managed to move the start time to 6am, so that we can see sunrise around Mutha. Well as it turned out, early morning fog deprived us the beautiful sunrise but at the same time it let us experience one of the best morning I have had in recent times.

During this ride I had a chance to ride Captain’s Pulsar 220 for the entire ride, with my CBZ resting at Chandani Chowk. At the start of ride, we flagged off Arpan and Alok towards Bangalore. Here are some pictures from the ride.

Early morning foggy road near Manas Lake

Sunrise, enroute Lavasa

View from Temghar Dam

View from Temghar Dam

Lavasa twisties

All steeds lined up

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