May’08 Track Day: Kari Speedway, Coimbatore.

It was yet another track day organised by Anand at Kari Speedway, Coimbatore. My second visit, in a row. This time due to various reasons I was not able to take my bike. Thanks to Killer (Sameer) who loaned me his Apache, I had a ride for the track day.

Now, I’ll not waste too much of time, enjoy some of the pictures.

20080511IMG_1689 20080511IMG_1690
20080511IMG_1691 20080511IMG_1692
Speedy entering chicane on Apache.

20080511IMG_1724 20080511IMG_1728
20080511IMG_1754 20080511IMG_1757
Subhash on RTR pulling stoppie and wheelie.

20080511IMG_1770 20080511IMG_1771

20080511IMG_1772 20080511IMG_1773
Dinesh on RTR through bowl.

20080511IMG_1776 20080511IMG_1777
20080511IMG_1778 20080511IMG_1779

Subhash on RTR through bowl.

20080511IMG_1783 20080511IMG_1784
20080511IMG_1785 20080511IMG_1786

Nav on Apache through bowl.

20080511IMG_1790 20080511IMG_1791
Joel on RTR through bowl.

Dan’s RD through bowl.

Keerthi on Shogun through bowl.


Nav on Apache through last corner.

Bike discussion in pit lane.

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Edit: Thanks to Kathir (friend of Dinesh) for taking the bowl pics.