Welcome to 2009

A belated New Year wishes to everyone. Well, I got my New Year gift a bit early. Following is the picture of the gift, my son, born on 21-Dec-08.

My Son

Click on image to view in bigger size.

Just the way everyone make new year resolutions, I have made myself a few and you can see some of them right here in next few days.

Feels like … no words to describe

She is my daughter. Born on 26th Nov 2006 at 17:11hrs.

What a day it was, morning I was out riding my RX along with Speed Gun for some speed testing. While having breakfast, I got a call from my wife that we need to visit the doctor. On reaching doctor’s place, she was admitted and in evening baby arrived. Both mom and daughter are doing good.

If you ask me what was more exciting:
1. Never ending pull of the RX in 3rd gear resulting in tank slaper’s kind of feeling, nearing the top end.
2. Watching the baby looking at me with her little eyes, opening her mouth, showing me her tongue.
Any day 2 as 1, I can exp again and again as and when I want.

Let me now stop and let the pictures of cutie do the talking.