Spare Parts to Carry on a Road Trip

I’m going on a long road trip for the first time, on my motorcycle, what all spares shall I carry?” If you are having the above question, then read ahead.

How many times and which all parts in recent past (1month/1year/3years/10years), on your bike have failed you? Normally your answer would be “none” (that’s what it will be in most of cases). But if there are some parts that have failed more than once, in recent past, add them to the list as the first items (for example HT coil on one of my motorcycle). On a well maintained (regularly serviced & with all parts replaced whenever the need arises) bike, you shouldn’t have parts that would have failed frequently (here I’m talking about a bone stock bike).

So, if no part has failed, so far, on my bike why should I even bother to carry any spares? Well, there are certain spares that aren’t very expensive and don’t occupy too much space and aren’t too difficult to replace either BUT if they fail can land your bike in an unusable state. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and carry them.
Following is a list of such spare parts:

  • Fuses
  • Spark Plug
  • Spark Plug Cap
  • Chain Link
  • Clutch lever
  • Clutch lever mounting clamp
  • Brake Lever
  • Brake lever mounting clamp
  • Cables: Accelerator, Clutch and Brake (if your bike runs on front drum brakes)
  • Headlamp bulb
  • Engine oil (if you are using one that is not easily available and you think during trip it will require to be changed)

Other than the above mentioned carry spare set of tubes (if your bike runs on tube type tire). Even if your bike runs tubeless tire, it is better to carry a spare tube just in case the alloy wheel is damaged and starts to leak air, fitting with tube can fix the problem.

One point to note is that, it’s important to know how to replace the spare part that you are carrying else often it would be as good as not carrying one. So, learn to change these parts and practice before you head out on that ride which you always dreamt off.

Though the following items are not exactly spare parts, one should also be carrying them:

  • Electrical wire
  • Electrical tape
  • M-seal

One might ask, for a long road trip the above mentioned list is fine but what about Ladakh? My answer is, Ladakh is no different than any long road trip. Yes, the terrain is different, so is the altitude and the help on road side is rare but other than how does it matter what all parts one should carry?

The list is kept short to only those parts that one can carry easily and don’t need much skill to change them and if they fail you might be left stranded. Though one can carry much more parts than the above listed but then are you preparing yourself for the worse? Than what about the “adventure” part of the road trip? In that case may be use a backup vehicle or better use some other mode of travel.

Now, if you wonder where in my city I can find a good place to get my motorcycle prepared or learn how to replace the above mentioned parts. Though I don’t have information for many cities but I can help you with Mumbai. In Mumbai Arpan & Reddy conduct sessions for leh riders free of cost and teach you basics of motorcycle maintenance. For all my long trips (including 3 Ladakh rides), my bike(s) were prepared by them.

9 thoughts on “Spare Parts to Carry on a Road Trip”

  1. Good list Nav. Can I add in a couple of points myself, with your permission? 🙂

    1) Spare key, kept separately.

    2) (Inside joke between the two of us): A good road map, which doesn’t mislead you into thinking the shortest route is the fastest 🙂


  2. @Akhil: Sure you and anyone else also can add to the list. Good road map, well I had one along with the GPS (that’s how I was able to manage in night). 😉

  3. Nice one Nav. This one is definitely asked by many riders who go on trips. The most important thing is knowing how to fix the spare part without which the ride is a failure!

  4. Add to this:
    – Swiss knife (preferably with scissors / or have it separate)
    – A small/minimal torch (some source of light other than the bike’s lights)
    – Plastic zip ties – can be used to fasten things quickly and are long lasting
    – Small paper and pen (felt ive missed it at all the wrong times)

  5. ek pauva or ek packit

    I’ve quit (I believe) (no, not travel by m/c) but those are the base level spares I say.

    mind it


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