Rajmachi – A twin fort destination near Lonawala. A location which is a two days beginners trek and a slightly challenging destination for those who wish to use the two wheels over two legs.

My first visit to Rajmachi was way back in year 2002 on my Suzuki Fiero with three other riders (from the Pulsar yahoo group) who came from Bombay on their Bajaj Pulsar’s. We teamed up at Khopoli, as I rode down the Khandala ghats. Before we started our ride to Rajmachi we feasted at RK, Lonawala.

The road to Rajmachi, when coming from Lonawala side is just after a couple of turns after Lonawala town. The road is on right hand side and goes down steeply.

The auto is coming from Lonawala side and the narrow road going down, next to those advertising boards goes to Rajmachi.

Initially the road is not so bad but once we cross the last village enroute, for the rest of 20 odd km we have to ride on gravel, stones, mud, etc. Just before the Rajmachi village we have to climb up a stretch which during monsoon is used by rain water to come down. So it is full of decent sized stones and loose sand to fight with, often requiring not just the machine but human power to get the vehicle up.

After a challenging ride we are greeted by the village located at the base of fort. There are some houses here who cater to tourist by providing them home cooked meal at a very reasonable rate but the time taken is a lot. So one can order the food and walk towards an ancient temple and a water reservoir located behind the village.

One can also walk up the fort but it will be difficult to return back the same day, unless he is willing to ride back in dark. A different kind of experience all together, which I’m yet to experience :-)

To stay overnight, one can either take shelter in the house of villagers at a nominal rate or choose the school room for night halt.

Here are pictures from my very first ride to Rajmachi.

Ravi & Eric at RK, Lonawala

Enroute Rajmachi

The village at the base of fort

The village at the base of fort

Riding back from Rajmachi

Riding back from Rajmachi

Riding back from Rajmachi

It took me another 5odd years to revisit this wonderful place. The ocassion was Republic day ride (2007) at BikeNomads. This time as well it was the riders from Pune and Bombay riding together to conquer the challenging Rajmachi trail. Accompanying me it was once again my good old Suzuki Fiero. The route hasn’t changed much in last 5 years so hasn’t the challanges. Though few of the team members decided to stay overnight, me and a few more riders returned back before it got dark.

Here are the pictures from my second visit to Rajmachi.

Enroute to Rajmachi

The water reservoir

An ancient temple

Catching the sky

Returning back from Rajamchi

Returning back from Rajamchi

Returning back from Rajamchi

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  1. Do not want to miss anything being documented eh? 🙂
    Looks very tempting.. and yeah one day ride back in the dark walah plan is an awsome concept. should give it a try 😉

    P.S. this comment window doesnt save if u forget to put the email 🙁

  2. Nice write up!
    The pics are a mix I believe, few from your old ride and then few from your latest trip.

    Anyways do I get chance to view the collection somehow. (The last trip in which I was along)?

  3. @Suyash: Wait for some more, rarely seens stuff coming up 😉 The comment window needs mail address to keep out the spam but don’t worry, only I can see the email address 🙂

    @Nalin: The later set of pics are from the ride to Rajmachi in which you were also there.

  4. Hi,

    I was planning to drive to Rajmachi in my car and do some camping there with friends. I have a toyota corolla. Do you think it is advisable to take the car there or hire an SUV n go. Thanks.

  5. @Akhil: I don’t think Corolla will be a good choice but then I have never gone there in a car. A SUV will be a better option or may be you can park the car at the village and trek it to the fort.

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