15 July 2007 – Speed Test Session

When: Sunday, 15 July 2007
Where: Near Pune
What: Testing Speed of various bikes using Bushnell Speed Gun

It was a wet Sunday morning with overcast conditions to start with. The speed test session was all set to get cancelled when Sun decided to come out and started to dry up the wet tarmac.

The session lasted for just over 2hours in which 20 timed runs were performed in total by all the bikes.

The distance of the test strip was around 750meters with enough braking space ahead of it.

The bikes belonged to club members of RDDreams and RoadShakers. Also were present some riders not belonging to any club.

Most of the bikes were different models of Royal Enfield Bullets with one Yamaha RD 350, one Yamaha RX 135 5-Speed, one Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi and one Hero Honda CBZ. Baring the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi and Hero Honda CBZ all bikes were modified to extract extra performance, to different level (some modifications being as simple as a different air filter or different exhaust). The details of the modifications are best known to the owner of the bike or the mechanic/tuner who did those modifications.

Following were the fastest three bikes and their riders:
Sling on his Yamaha RD350 at 145km/hr. Video

Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 140km/hr. Video
Tinu on Doc’s Bullet 500 (Std) at 137km/hr. Video

Following are the other speeds achieved by the rider and bike combo (only the fastest of all their runs is listed down).
Doc on his Bullet 500 (Std) at 133km/hr. Video
Tinu on Adil’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 125km/hr. Video
Adil on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 124km/hr. Video

Rash on his Yamaha RX 135 5-Speed at 123km/hr. Video
Tinu on Amit’s Bullet Machismo 500 (AVL) at 120km/hr. Video
Adil on Thomas’s Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi at 120km/hr. Video
Thomas on his P220 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi at 119km/hr. Video
Adil on his Bullet Thunderbird 350 (AVL) at 116km/hr.
Nauzar on his Bullet 350 (Std) at 110km/hr. Video

Nav in his Hero Honda CBZ at 108km/hr.

These are the other runs (video’s not uploaded but can be provided in case of any doubts about the speed).
Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 139km/hr.
Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 139km/hr.
Tinu on Doc’s Bullet 500 (Std) at 136km/hr.
Kunal on Rahul’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 135km/hr.
Kunal on Rahul’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 131km/hr.

Doc on his Bullet 500 (Std) at 131km/hr.
Amit on his Bullet Machismo 500 (AVL) at 115km/hr.
Adil on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 114km/hr.

13 thoughts on “15 July 2007 – Speed Test Session”

  1. @Yogesh: Yeah those are really fast bullets. Doing justice to the saying “build like gun goes like bullet” 😉

    @Treasure Trove: Its just your imagination. 🙂

  2. Did any of the riders make note of the indicated speedo readout ?

    For ex , the p220 was clocked at 119 on the gun , but did that rider make any observations of his top speed at that point ? This would help to determine if there is any error in the digital readout on the bike .

  3. Nav,

    Truly amazed that Bullets reach those speeds. SO what mods have gone into thos iron horses to make them this fast?


  4. @Ricci: Sorry, no details about the mods on bullets are given out by the owners.

    @Subhash: It is not the expressway, its a normal section of NH4.

    @James: Thanks.

  5. This test was an eye-opener. This just goes to prove there is nothing to beat pure swept volume, unless of course the puny bikes are stripped all out and compression ratios are boosted to suicidal levels. But it was a bit heartening to learn the Pulsar 220 was a wee bit faster than the 350s. I am sure the next test will be about acceleration times, which will be harder to test. My money’s on the two strokes and the newer bikes.

  6. Hi Nav,

    This is Sandeep Datta from Chennai. Please see my blog for my intro: http://www.sandeepdatta16.blogspot.com

    First of all, belated congratulations for your new-born daughter.

    I saw your trip stories as well as speed tests. I am impressed. In future, if coming to Chennai, I and my group will welcome you and we can have some ride together, I hope.

    I appreciate your efforts for speed testing.

    Sandeep Datta

  7. Ajay, my school maths / physics is a lil fuzzy, but keeping distance as the same (700+ meters in this case), wont the bike with faster speed at end of this distance have the quicker acceleration???

  8. Hi Nav,

    I am from Chennai bullet group called MADRAS BULLETS in short Madbulls. Are you planning to come to Hydrabad for Rider Mania in January? If so, we can meet in Hydrabad.

    Sandeep Datta

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