Back from Snow Land ala Ladakh

and I’m back, back to modern civilization.
The above picture is one that was clicked during the trip, as we climbed up Chang La after it was happily snowed for more than 30minutes. During this trip, I got to experience more than what I was looking for.

I’ll try to pen down the wonderful experience I had during this trip as soon as possible and share them with your all soon, very soon. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Back from Snow Land ala Ladakh”

  1. Very nice indeed. Though I am a big time lurker on 99% of them website’s i visit everyday, but just couldn’t stop myself from asking . Did you go alone on the trip? Because from what I see in the picture’s on your flickr too, it looks like u went alone , and if that’s the case. Well frankly for me thinking about it is out of reach . Cheers!

  2. @Nandi: Thanks. In 2007, I went there solo. This time around I was accompanied by another friend of mine, from Delhi. There are some pictures coming up with both the bikes in the frame. 🙂

    @Praveen: SMS me, I might be out riding on either Sat/Sun.

  3. Nav Paaji,

    Though all the pics I saw on Flickr are awesome, but this snow and the one of your bike besides the lake are “EKDUM BHAARI” 😉

    Eagerly look forward to the writeup and rest of the memories of this wonderful trip.

    Pls dont kill us by any long delay 😀

  4. Thanks Deepak. The pic next to lake (Pangong Tso) is from 2007 trip 🙂
    Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be able to get the trip log sometime in the coming week.

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