A Lap on CBZ

8-9 Dec 20082007: My debut on a race track and what a fun filled it was. I’ll put the entire experience in words later (I know, its almost a year now). For now enjoy a small video, a lap on the CBZ around the track.

Thanks to Motor (Suresh) for shooting the video.

5 thoughts on “A Lap on CBZ”

  1. loved the video it brought back the memory of my first bike brought by my own ,though i never took it to race track or did iget any chance for it.
    one question didn’t you find it hard while downshifting it in a race track?

  2. Nice video there. Getting used to seeing MotoGP on TV, didnt know our bikes feel so slow 😉 I know on the saddle it doesnt, you’ll be having a blast out there on the track.

    HAPPY 2009!

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