North Ride Nov’2004

North Ride 2004


It was in April 2004 when pondering over life I came across the fact that I have almost forgotten so many people I have meet in my life. So I decided to take out some time to go and meet them. Gave some thought to a few ride plans, trying to cover as many places as possible. Since I was working, I also have to plan the ride so that I will need to take minimum leaves from office. Also have to keep in mind the high temperatures during summer, up north. Keeping all different parameters in mind, a trip during Diwali was finalized. Choice of bike was not an issue, with the relatively new Electra in garage I decided to give the old war horse, Fiero a bit of rest.

Time went by and I build a rough plan for the trip. Start of trip was set for 6th Nov 2004 and end on 23rd Nov 2004. With some time on hand I also decided to venture out up north and towards east, to see and feel snow for the first time in my life. As things normally don’t turn out the way I want in my life, I got a job offer from another company, which I couldn’t refuse and hence have to leave the current company. Now the leaves were no problem, as I was scheduled to join the new company on 24th Nov 2004. With this new twist in the tale, the trip would not be able to start on 6th Nov 2004 as I have to get relieved from the current company, which was not going to happen before 8th Nov 2004. Hence the trip duration was reduced and I decided to drop the idea of venturing out in East for a later date.

About my trip preparation, I collected some cash to carry with me. Got the bike serviced for a long and grueling ride. As per my experience during my stay in Delhi I decided against carrying any woolen clothes, as I was not expecting it to be freezing cold.

With everything set I decided to prepare myself physically for the ride. In office started to sit on a stool without a backrest. Next item of the list was to do some shopping for myself. I went to Shoppers Stop with Arpan and Doc to buy gloves and other accessories. There we bought a pair of gloves, wrist band, abdomen belt and shin guard.

8th Nov 2004 – One day to go

Got the national roaming activated on my IDEA cell. With me going to be riding alone, national roaming was must to contact people in case of emergency. In the eve got the fuel filled and air pressure checked. In the night started packing my clothes, spares, tools, etc. Around 01:00hrs hit the bed with the alarm set to 05:00hrs. The plan was to start the journey at 06:00hrs.

Trip log

Day 1: Start of trip from Pune. Rode to Baroda via NH8 covering 561km’s. Read the trip log here.

Day 2: Covered the distance of 663km between Baroda to Ajmer today. Read the trip log here.

Day 3: Finally reached Noida from Ajmer today covering 431km’s. Read the trip log here.

Day 4 – 8: Few days spend riding in and around Delhi, covered around 570km’s. Read about it here.

Day 9: Ride to Himachal started from Delhi. Rode from Nodia to Theog via Shimla covered a distance of 422km. Read the trip log here.

Day 10: Ride over the first pass in my life. Reached Manali from Theog via Jalori Pass and did a failed attempt to reach Rohtang Pass. Rode for 247km’s today. Read the trip log here.

Day 11: Finally able to ride to Rohtang Pass from Manali and then head back towards Delhi. Not able to make it to Delhi so stopped at Kurukshetra after riding for 527km’s. Read about the trip log here.

Day 12: Reached Noida from Kurukshetra and roam around Delhi before the start of return journey next day. Rode for 189km’s. Read about the trip log here.

Day 13: Started on the return leg, from Noida to stop at Ajmer, covering 425km’s. Read about the trip log here.

Day 14: Did a crazy ride today. Rode from Ajmer to Pune in one day, a distance of 1,270km’s. Read about the trip log here.


It was one of the rides which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Being first such a long ride on the Bullet, bike came out with flying colors, no problems all the way (touchwood), except for the battery problem, need to be fixed soon. During the return leg between Ajmer to Pune when I have to sit on the bike for over 22hrs, it was so comfortable that even after the ride, next day I didn’t face any problems.

Visiting Himachal for the first time has made me plan many more rides to the mountains, to explore the beauty in more detail. Mountains, I’ll be bcak soon.

Brief Statistics

Trip Distance: 5,394km
Reserve to Reserve trip distance: 5,608km
Fuel consumed: 168.68lt
Mileage: 33.25km/lt
Best Mileage: 40.33km/lt
Worse Mileage: 27.60km/lt
Total fuel cost = Rs 6,903

Cost per km = Rs 1.23/km

Check out detailed statistics here.

Tools and Spare parts carried

Basic tool kit that comes with the bike. Fuse, Head light bulb. Accelerator and Clutch cable. 2 Spare tubes. Engine oil (500ml), Battery Water (1 bottle).


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