Panning & Moon’o’graphy – 2

Today I was out again in night sharpening my panning shots. Lday luck was with me and the very first shot came out almost perfect (to my liking). As I was hand holding the camera, I started with ISO1600 and hence some grain can be seen in the image.

Clicked using Canon 70-200 f/4 L lense on 400D, shot @ ISO 1600, 188mm, f/4 and 1/10sec shutter speed.

Motivated by my effort, I got the tripod out and started to practise on the moving objets. Now, I was able to bring the ISO down to 400 without too much blurr as I was no more hand holding the camera. Following is one of the many clics.

Clicked using Canon 70-200 f/4 L lense on 400D, shot @ ISO400, 145mm f/4 and 1/5sec shutter speed.

While I was out, I also decided to capture the white moon, almost in its full shape.

Clicked using Canon 70-200 f/4 L lense on 400D, shot @ ISO100, 200mm f/8 and 1/125sec shutter speed.

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Panning – My Debut shots

Panning – My Debut shots

My Pan Shots

Last night as I was done shooting moon from my house balcony, I looked at the well illuminated empty road, some 100m away from me. Tried to click some shots but due to not using a tripod most of them didn’t came well. In between I clicked a zooming car and thats when I decided to try my hand at Panning. Due to low light condition, I had to use higher ISO and really slow shutter speed and hence shots were having too much noise/not sharp enough.

So today morning I decided to venture out once again and here are some of the shots I managed.

My Pan ShotsMy Pan Shots

My Pan ShotsMy Pan Shots

Click on image to view in bigger size.

So how did I clicked them?
I used a slow shutter speed (resulting in larger f-stop/small aperture) and switched between “One Shot” & “AI Servo” (or something like that). Moved the camera along with the moving car/bike. Click and kept moving, when I didn’t moved the camera as I clicked, the object came blurred.

What is Panning?
In simple terms, its about clicking a picture by keeping the moving object in the frame by moving the camera along the object and clicking it at the same time. This will blurr out the background, giving a sense of motion in the image.

For these shots I used my Canon 400D with 70-200 f/4 L lense.