2005 Naldurg Ride

When at BikeNomads, Pune and Hydrabad guys decided to meet up for lunch. Naldurg, the biggest fort in Maharashtra, located almost in the middle of Pune and Hydrabad, just off NH, was chosen. The ride was planned for Sat, 23rd July 2005.

After last minute drop outs from Pune, I was the lone rider from Pune. I started late on my Bullet, since no one was waiting for me I left at 6:30. Maintained a steady pace of 80-100 as the road was good (initially 4 lane) and hardly any traffic.


Once the 4 lane got over, speed went a lil down as overtaking a convoy of trucks was not very easy. Had to stop for some 10min at a railway crossing, was tempted to sneak my bike under the pole but dropped the idea. After riding for 2hr 30min (166km) decided to take a quick break for food as was feeling very hungry. Took a quick 10min break and started, wanted to reach by 10:30. By now the traffic has increased, slowing me down :-(

Reached Sholapur by 10:40, was under the impression that Naldurg is some 5-10km from there but it was 45km (as found out written on a board, while zipping thru it. So once crossed Sholapur decided to up the pace and was doing in the range of 100-110. Around 11:00 crossed the bridge where we were to meet, saw no one so decided to cross the ghat (wide, twisties, empty roads never fail to tempt me :-D ) Stopped at the top of ghats, clicked some pics.

Returned back at the bridge. Waiting for hyd guys to come. Was wondering if they all went ahead in the fort as I got late.

After 30min first grp of riders came with Solly, Vinay and Praveen in it. After a round of introduction we waiting and then came Mayur followed by GR after some time. After
regrouping we all went to the fort, which is supposed to be the biggest in Maharashtra. Initially GR tried to be our guide but then later we got one.

Inside the fort

Now, the office of the fort

Remains of the fort

Panoramic view of the lake behind fort

View of lake behind fort

The tallest structure in fort

A mini dam inside fort

Pigeon box

The Nomads with guide on top of dam

Inside fort there is a small dam with two gates (located one over the other) to let the water flow down. Call it a masterpiece in design, there are a few rooms (two levels) build under the wide wall of dam. Now when water is let go from the gates of dam, it comes down as a waterfall and there are windows in those rooms opening right behind these waterfalls. Though this can only be seen during rains now, when the dam is full and water overflows through the gates. Another problem now a days is that, bats have made these rooms as their home, so one has to be careful when inside the rooms.

One of the two gates of dam

Remains of the fort

Climbing upto the tallest point in fort

Then there is a checkpost at the tallest point in fort with a few cannons on it. To fire at enemy. From here one can get a nice view of the area.

Double attack

Blow them all

The group outside the fort

Monsoon is the best time to visit Naldurg.

After seeing the fort, we headed for a quick lunch. Though I planned to have a light lunch, coudn’t resist having butter chicken yum yum.

GR left us early and at 3:50 we seperated and headed our ways. Was initially planing to ride back slowely but then had promised wife to be back home by 9. So decided to up the pace but by now wind had picked up and I was forced to ride into wind. Was not able to go above 90 for most of time. Only after 100km of Sholapur that the wind got a bit low and by 6:00 I was at the same place where I stopped for breakfast. Decided to refuel bike and have a quick snacks break.

Started at 6:25 and I knew that if I have to make pune by 9 I have to maintain the same speed at which I came in morning, its was difficult so I decided to give it a try. Until it got dark (some 100km to Pune @ 7:30) I was able to maintain the pace. Once it got dark it was a bit difficult as the on coming vehciles (cars and buses) were not ready to use dippers. Some truck guys were kind enough to do so. Still will not very heavy traffic maintaning 80 was not a problem. Once I reached 4 lane, speeds of 100 were easy to maintain so by 8:50 I entered pune.

Now the task was to pass thru the city to reach other end of town. Thankfully the loud horn and riding a bullet made it a bit easy and was home by 9:25. Smsed Solly about my state and watched movie with dinner.

Some stats: (I love this part ;-) )

Total distance: 612km (P-N: 305, N-P: 307)
Total time (including breaks): 9hrs 30min (P-N: 4hrs 30min, N-P: 5hrs)
Avg speed: 64km/hr (P-N: 67km/hr, N-P: 61.4km/hr)
P-N: Pune – Naldurg
N-P: Naldurg – Pune


Rajmachi – A twin fort destination near Lonawala. A location which is a two days beginners trek and a slightly challenging destination for those who wish to use the two wheels over two legs.

My first visit to Rajmachi was way back in year 2002 on my Suzuki Fiero with three other riders (from the Pulsar yahoo group) who came from Bombay on their Bajaj Pulsar’s. We teamed up at Khopoli, as I rode down the Khandala ghats. Before we started our ride to Rajmachi we feasted at RK, Lonawala.

The road to Rajmachi, when coming from Lonawala side is just after a couple of turns after Lonawala town. The road is on right hand side and goes down steeply.

The auto is coming from Lonawala side and the narrow road going down, next to those advertising boards goes to Rajmachi.

Initially the road is not so bad but once we cross the last village enroute, for the rest of 20 odd km we have to ride on gravel, stones, mud, etc. Just before the Rajmachi village we have to climb up a stretch which during monsoon is used by rain water to come down. So it is full of decent sized stones and loose sand to fight with, often requiring not just the machine but human power to get the vehicle up.

After a challenging ride we are greeted by the village located at the base of fort. There are some houses here who cater to tourist by providing them home cooked meal at a very reasonable rate but the time taken is a lot. So one can order the food and walk towards an ancient temple and a water reservoir located behind the village.

One can also walk up the fort but it will be difficult to return back the same day, unless he is willing to ride back in dark. A different kind of experience all together, which I’m yet to experience :-)

To stay overnight, one can either take shelter in the house of villagers at a nominal rate or choose the school room for night halt.

Here are pictures from my very first ride to Rajmachi.

Ravi & Eric at RK, Lonawala

Enroute Rajmachi

The village at the base of fort

The village at the base of fort

Riding back from Rajmachi

Riding back from Rajmachi

Riding back from Rajmachi

It took me another 5odd years to revisit this wonderful place. The ocassion was Republic day ride (2007) at BikeNomads. This time as well it was the riders from Pune and Bombay riding together to conquer the challenging Rajmachi trail. Accompanying me it was once again my good old Suzuki Fiero. The route hasn’t changed much in last 5 years so hasn’t the challanges. Though few of the team members decided to stay overnight, me and a few more riders returned back before it got dark.

Here are the pictures from my second visit to Rajmachi.

Enroute to Rajmachi

The water reservoir

An ancient temple

Catching the sky

Returning back from Rajamchi

Returning back from Rajamchi

Returning back from Rajamchi

Return to Lavasa

This time no stories from my side. Just a few set of pictures.

Sunrise at Chandani Chowk

Rides of Nomads

View from top of Temghar Dam

View from top of Temghar Dam

Me on 220, taking the left hander

Me on 220, taking the left hander

Me on 220, taking the left hander

Me on 220, taking the left hander

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The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DtsFi Test Ride

Lavasa ā€“ A Dream Fulfilled and some laws redefined

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DtsFi Test Ride

When Captain Nandu Chitnis posted an invitation to test ride his P220, on BikeNomads forum, in few minutes the plan was made to ride to Mutha on 23rd Oct early morning.

At 6:15am the ride to Mutha started with me on CBZ and Praveen Shirali and Captain on the P220, all dressed up for the occasion. After a few breaks to cherish the beautiful sunrise we reached the twisties of Mutha.

As sun starts to come out, city is covered in a layer of red and blue

Sunrise over Manas lake

After a break of few minutes, it was the test time. So first Praveen went on the 220 to ride in the Mutha twisties. After a couple of runs on the bike, it was my time to swing a leg over the bike. Two runs later, the best test ride I have ever had, we called it a day and headed off towards city where people would be getting into their daily routine.

Thats Praveen, flicked the bike left and ready to vanish in the left turn

Thats me, coming out of a right hander

Ok enough of story, coming to the real part of it. The riding impression.

First impression As I sat on the bike, the front fairing gave a big bike feeling. Though the saddle height was not too tall. Initially my left hand went looking for fuel tap and right leg was searching for the kick lever :-) Well just turn the key and after a few seconds press the right thumb and bike will come into life. No worrying about putting the fuel tap to ON position, etc.

Also can someone please either remove those RVM’s or put them in a more useful manner?

Brakes As I started the bike, first thing I checked out were brakes. After all I didn’t want to go so fast that I might not be able to stop in time ;-) The brakes are one of the best I have experienced. So there goes my worry of being not able to stop the bike in time.

Performance We were not at Bonneville so I just got time to check the acceleration and roll on’s. Bike is quick to reach ~90 on speedo, which is very accurate when compared with GPS. (Max I managed was 91 on speedo and GPS registered 89.6). In roll on’s you need to be at revs in access of 5k to get a good roll on feel, below that somehow I was not happy with the performance.
One thing that I noticed though was that somehow at higher revs bike was not giving the feel of having around 20 horses under your seat.

Handling A good set of twisties is the best place to test the on tarmac handling of the bike and hence we were at the right place testing the bike. Probably due to the longer wheelbase and fatter tyres the bike felt a bit slow in turning in, this I noticed after I went back on CBZ. One more thing which I noticed was that, riding first time, I was not at so much ease as I was on Apache (when I rode it for the first time, at the same location).
Another minor issue with handling was the tyre. Under hard braking and down shifting at the same time, the rear made squealing sound, similar to Apache’s rear but unlike Apache’s rear, it didn’t do out of line.

Regarding other parameters like riding comfort, mileage, etc, well its better to ask the owner of the bike who has spend more time with the bike.

All in all, it was a nice way to start your day. Looking forward to more such mornings. :-D

Thanks to Captain Nandu Chitnis for letting us test ride his 220.

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Lavasa ā€“ A Dream Fulfilled and some laws redefined

Where am I?

For long time now I have not posted on the blog. No, I’m not busy with work :-) Well I’m out riding. Sitting in a net cafe and posting this so sorry for the quality of pictures and short description.

Day 1: As per my original plan, rode on NH1 towards Srinagar but only managed till Jalandhar thanks to a late start and the early morning Delhi traffic. Could have pushed ahead but didn’t want to ride in dark. It was a hot and humid ride, sweated so much, must have lost a few kg’s ;-)

Day 2: Dropped the idea to ride thru Kashmir valley due to safety reasons and hence rode towards Chamba to join Manali. Night halt was at Chamba. Post Jalandhar heavy rains helped me from extra hot and humid weather.

Day 3: Loafed around Chamba and then later in evening started towards Mandi but could only managed to reach Chowari. One of the most scenic ride so far.

Day 4: Started from Chowari towards Nurpur from where I was to turn towards Mandi but on reaching Nurpur at 7:30am and watching Pathancoat only 30odd km’s, changed the plan after a small chat with Roy to dump the Manali route and ride to Srinagar. What a long day it turned out to be. Post Udhampur till I cross Jawahar Tunnel, the road were a shame for being called NH. It was an diff experience riding in that 2.5km long tunnel and man once out, what a view of Kashmir valley greeted :-) Roads were like from a different planet and it was a “rip” to Srinagar. Dal lake at sun set time is another amazing view. Took a ride in dal lake while sun was coming down.

Day 5: First time in ride, didn’t feel like coming out of hotel room, as I was able to watch the dal lake from hotel room window. Finally left and decided to ride to Suru valley as I would reach Leh on Sun and won’t be able to get permits on that day. Road till Sonmarg is great. Turned towards Suru valley from Kargil and halted for night at Sankoo.

Day 6: Target was to climb Pensi La to watch Glaciers but there were numerous glaciers all around me all the way. Around 3:30 I was at top of Pensi La watching my dream glacier :-) Pushed hard on the way back to reach Parkachik in eve. Roads are simply none existing in Suru valley and the fastest I could manage was 24km/hr avg speed :-D

Day 7: A bummer of day. When you are at 10,000+ft with glaciers all around you, last thing you need is rain. It was raining since mid night. I waited for two hrs for it to stop, with no singns of it stopping, I rode out. It was freezing cold outside. Managed to reach Kargil where the rain has stopped. Target was to reach Lamayuru. Was expecting some decent roads but post Mulbek the roads are at the most comparable to an average mountain road. By 8 fighting with cold, reached Lamayuru.

Day 8: Thought it might be a “straight rip” to Leh but except for a few decent stretches rest all was rip = Rest In Peace kind of road. Reached leh in noon, Got the engine oil changed, having covered over 2,000km’s so far :-) Bike and rider both doing fine.

Day 9: Rested in hotel. Got the permits myself, just a 15min job :-) . Got the bike washed and fitted the fallen spring of main stand.

Day 10: Rode over the world’s highest road. Visited Diskit and dropped anchors at Hunder.

Day 11: Thats today :-) . Went from Hunder to Panamik and beyond, until I got bored else LOC was not too far away ;-) . Climbed back the highest road to hit hotel in Leh back.

Not sure about the plans ahead :-D

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15 July 2007 – Speed Test Session

When: Sunday, 15 July 2007
Where: Near Pune
What: Testing Speed of various bikes using Bushnell Speed Gun

It was a wet Sunday morning with overcast conditions to start with. The speed test session was all set to get cancelled when Sun decided to come out and started to dry up the wet tarmac.

The session lasted for just over 2hours in which 20 timed runs were performed in total by all the bikes.

The distance of the test strip was around 750meters with enough braking space ahead of it.

The bikes belonged to club members of RDDreams and RoadShakers. Also were present some riders not belonging to any club.

Most of the bikes were different models of Royal Enfield Bullets with one Yamaha RD 350, one Yamaha RX 135 5-Speed, one Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi and one Hero Honda CBZ. Baring the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi and Hero Honda CBZ all bikes were modified to extract extra performance, to different level (some modifications being as simple as a different air filter or different exhaust). The details of the modifications are best known to the owner of the bike or the mechanic/tuner who did those modifications.

Following were the fastest three bikes and their riders:
Sling on his Yamaha RD350 at 145km/hr. Video

Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 140km/hr. Video
Tinu on Doc’s Bullet 500 (Std) at 137km/hr. Video

Following are the other speeds achieved by the rider and bike combo (only the fastest of all their runs is listed down).
Doc on his Bullet 500 (Std) at 133km/hr. Video
Tinu on Adil’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 125km/hr. Video
Adil on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 124km/hr. Video

Rash on his Yamaha RX 135 5-Speed at 123km/hr. Video
Tinu on Amit’s Bullet Machismo 500 (AVL) at 120km/hr. Video
Adil on Thomas’s Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi at 120km/hr. Video
Thomas on his P220 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi at 119km/hr. Video
Adil on his Bullet Thunderbird 350 (AVL) at 116km/hr.
Nauzar on his Bullet 350 (Std) at 110km/hr. Video

Nav in his Hero Honda CBZ at 108km/hr.

These are the other runs (video’s not uploaded but can be provided in case of any doubts about the speed).
Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 139km/hr.
Rahul on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 139km/hr.
Tinu on Doc’s Bullet 500 (Std) at 136km/hr.
Kunal on Rahul’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 135km/hr.
Kunal on Rahul’s Bullet Lightning 535 at 131km/hr.

Doc on his Bullet 500 (Std) at 131km/hr.
Amit on his Bullet Machismo 500 (AVL) at 115km/hr.
Adil on his Bullet Lightning 535 at 114km/hr.

Riding thru Rain, Fog ‘n’ Flood

When: 30th June 2007
Route: Pune – Khambatki Ghat – Wai – Parsani Ghat – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Ambenali Ghat – Poladpur – Mahad – Poladpur – Ambenali Ghat – Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani – Parsani Ghat – Wai – Khambatki Ghat – Pune.
Riders ā€˜nā€™ Rides: Praveen Shirali on Black P180, Nalin on Silver P180, Me on Black Fiero and Shyamal on Gray Unicorn.

Distance: 405km
Time Taken: 15hrs (5:45am to 8:45pm)

With another weekend coming, we planned a slightly longer ride this time, with the route as Pune – Khambatki Ghat – Wai – Parsani Ghat – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Ambenali Ghat – Poladpur – Mahad – Varandha Ghat – Bhor – Pune. This time we were 4 riders (other 2 dropped out), as compared to 2 of last time. With the route slightly longer an early start was required so we decided to start at 6am.

Even before we could start the ride, it started to rain heavily and by the time we stopped to refuel at Reliance gas station on NH4 we were all drenched (from outside only) with our rain gears trying hard to stop the water outside.

We were maintaining speed around 80km/hr and were approaching Shirval when disaster stuck, suddenly I started to feel my front end has gone heavy, I realised its a puncture so I slowely pulled over to road side only to find the help (puncture repair shop) across the road. While the puncture guy was fixing the puncture, I sms’ed the group about my problem, few minutes later the group was back. The puncture costed us around 30minutes and Rs 60 (due to damaged valve as well).

After we resumed the ride, soon we were at the foot hills of Khambatki Ghat, traffic was heavy today. As we started to climb up, the series of breaks started, to click pictures and enjoy the scenery.

Khambatki Ghat and a waterfall there

Surface of Khambatki Ghat has gone slightly bad and potholes has started to show at various place. After crossing Khambatki Ghat we took the diversion towards Wai, traffic was lesser on this road and still the road condition was as good as it was before rains. After crossing Wai as we started the climb up the Parsani Ghat (good road surface still), the scenery started to go from nice to better to excellent. With clouds all over the place.

Enroute to Wai, Climb up Parsani Ghat

Clouds all over the place was a great sight, it was not so good to click pictures :-) As we climbed up, the cloud cover on road got denser and denser. After we reached at the top we pulled over to Harrison Point to have a view of the valley down.

View from Harrison Point

Due to rains the muddy track on Harrison Point was slightly slushy, thankfully not too many car’s have come here so there was still decent paths for two wheelers to ride on.

Harrison Point and Bikes

After spending some time at Harrison Point, we realised that we are behind the schedule so without wasting much time we headed towards Mapro for lunch. Sadly strawberries season is over and we were forced to have sandwich with hot chocolate.

Flower ar Mapro

After Mapro our target was to reach Poladpur as soon as possible. As we started towards Mahabaleshwar it started to rain with lots of fog on road making it a wonderful ride. After crossing Mahabaleshwar we were on the Ambenali Ghat which was full of waterfalls, fog and heavy rains.

Waterfalls at Ambenali Ghat

Had we stopped at every waterfall to enjoy it, we would have spend almost the whole day here. So we kept pushing each other to carry on and only to stop at some of the best waterfalls.

Fog and Waterfall at Ambenali Ghat

The road surface of Ambenali Ghat was decent almost all the way. There was a small section where landslide was getting cleared up.

Waterfall and bikes at Ambenali Ghat

As we came down towards Poladpur the fog cleared up but no respite from heavy rains. Since we were behind the schedule (thanks to puncture and numerous halts on the way) we scraped the plan to visit Kashedi Ghat and headed towards Mahad. NH17 was having lesser traffic than normal as we ripped on wet NH17 towards Mahad. Just before the toll booth at Mahad we turned towards Varandha Ghat only to be warned by some people about road under water. We thought that we can always ride over such stretch so we carried on. After a km or so we came to a point where a ST Bus, a 4 wheeler and few two wheelers were standing due to overflowing river water running across the road (see picture below). The force was so strong that none of us could think of risking our life and hence decided to turn back. We wasted some 10min before we headed back only to see the road we have come has started to get under water. The intensity of water was still not high so we quickly crossed over it.

We now had two options, either to return back via Mahabaleshwar or try the Mangaon route. We decide to try the later route and hence headed towards Mangaon. On the way we saw almost all of Mahad under water (whatever was visible from road side). Just after crossing Mahad we came to a point on NH17 which was getting under water (see picture below). We knew if we cross this and if we had to turn back from Mangaon, this place will be impossible to cross so we decided to take the safer option and headed back towards Mahabaleshwar. On the way we saw police has already closed this road for more traffic.

Floods all around Mahad

After a small rip on NH17 we were back at Poladpur. We took a small break for hot tea before we started our climb up Ambenali Ghat. As we climbed up we started to see some beautiful views. Cloud trying to cross over a hill (see picture below bottom left), etc.

Ambenali Ghat

As we reached the top of Ambenali Ghat the fog started to get thicker and thicker with visiblity reduced to 5-6feets. By the time we reached Mahabaleshwar fog was at its peak. (Next day I read in news that this road, Mahabaleshwar – Poladpur, is closed for traffic).

Foggy Mahabaleshwar

On the way we meet with another Nomad, Praveen Sathaye, at Wai. After a small chit chat we all headed back to Pune. Just before Khambatki Ghat we stopped for some evening snacks. As we resumed our return ride, soon it got dark and started to rain little bit. It was difficult to see the road properly due to darkness and rain drops on visor. So it was a slow ride back home for me with speeds around 50-60km/hr as I was worried about not seeing some pothole on road and hitting it at high speed.

After around 15hrs of riding I was back at home totally wet below waist (even when I was wearing rain coat’s pant. Above waist I was almost dry (got wet while taking out camera in rains to click pictures) thanks to my new jacket.

In the end though it was a wonderful ride but I still miss the Mahad – Varandha Ghat – Bhor – Pune leg, which I hope to do sooner than later.

To view image(s) in larger size, click them.

Wet, Wild ‘n’ Foggy ride

Where two is a Crowd

When: 24th June 2007
Route: Pune – Lonawala – Amby Valley – Kundlika Valley – Mulshi – Pune
Riders ‘n’ Rides: Nalin on Silver P180 and Me on Black Fiero
Distance: 178km

Time Taken: 9hrs (7:45am to 4:15pm)

It was a much awaited ride, one of the many rides I have planned for this rainy season. The ride started a bit late, at 7:45am, on a gloomy day with wet roads. After me and Nalin teamed up at Talegaon, the destination was Lonawala via the boring NH4 but the ride for a change was not so boring.

The wind was on higher side today, as we were nearing to Karla Caves, it started to rain heavily and crosswind increased their intensity. It was difficult to keep the bike moving straight and things went bad while overtaking trucks. Struggling with crosswind, as I would come next to truck, it would shield me from wind but the moment front end would come ahead of truck, wind would hit it with the rest of bike still behind truck, making the bike go into a big wobble, not a good feeling when you are travelling at speed close to 80 on wet roads.

At Lonawala after a small break we headed towards Amby Valley. Initially ride was nice but as we started the climb up Amby Valley, road vanished into thick fog and visiblity was reduced to 10-15feets with headlights on. I dropped the speed to 20-60 as I was not on a corner carving ride, nor was keen on getting my blood flowing faster in my veins (or will it be on road?).

We halted at Tiger point to munch on corn, it was too foggy to click any decent snap of the valley down. After a break we headed towards Amby Valley. As the fog reduced a little, we halted to put out camera’s to good use.

On the way to Amby Valley – Fog and Heavy Rains

On the way to Amby Valley – No speed limit for two-wheelers

Just as we closed on Amby Valley, we took the road off the main weekend tourist road and got onto this stretch of lesser travelled 40 odd km’s. Initially road was good but as we rode on, it started to get bad. We took our first of many halts at this bridge over a high flowing water stream.

On a bridge with high flowing water

Posing time

After riding some more distance we could see flooded fields and at many places water stream flowing over road as well. There we saw for first time another living organism, few big yellow colored crabs running across road. After crossing this water stream covered in fog, we decided to take another break.

Riding thru Fog and Water

Once we crossed over a hill we saw first signs of civilisation, a few houses. Rain has stopped but clouds were still hovering.

Foggy Break and the Road Ahead

Few km’s later, climate got better (lesser fog) to click pictures and for first time we saw some water streams coming down hills.

Somewhere on the way, Waterfall near & far

While on one side we had slightly clear hill, on the other side clouds were travelling at high speed covering-exposing hills at regular interval.

Fast moving clouds

Out in wild, High flying water

After riding on all kind of surface, tar road, broken road, road with slush (requiring to balance bike while crossing it), we reached a point where we were seeing weekend tourists in numbers. Later I realised that we are nearing the end of ride as we were closing on to Kundlika Valley.

On the way to Kundlika Valley, The Valley

After we started from Kundlika Valley, we were soon on Mulshi road and we were plugged back into civilisation (or shall I say uncivilised civilisation?). Weekend tourists were travelling on road as if they own it. Its a free country, so I go no problems with that but what I have problem is that when it start to affect me, by endangering my life.

We stopped at a hotel which on a normal day will be having staff out numbering customers but today there was a queue of customers. So we moved ahead for another hotel. After a nice lunch we rode back to Pune which was, like most of ride’s ending, a boring (no rains and drying roads) and frustrating (senseless riding/driving by morons on/behind wheels) experience.

Tyre Ramblings – Performance update

As I mentioned in my previous post, Tyre Rambling, the performance aspect was to be tested after I have put 3.25×18 rear. So on 3rd June, Sunday, I went to the same spot where all the tests are done.

On the gun I managed to clock 111km/hr at the same place where with 2.75×18 rear I managed a max of 110km/hr. So though with 3.25×18 bike don’t “feel” as peppy as it used to be, the performance seems to be similar as before.

Though I don’t have data captured with 2.75×18 rear tyre on Veypor, will do it with the new tyre and update.

Next bike from BAL

Was reading the June 2007 edition of Overdrive BSMotoring Auto Magazine. For those who don’t know this already, they listed out that BAL now got a bike with the following displacement’s:
100cc, 112cc, 115cc (There was a bike called Caliber115 but it had some 110/112cc engine in it), 125cc, 135cc, 150cc, 180cc, 200cc and 220cc.

Now they pointed out that though BAL has got all ranges covered, thay have left a big hole in the 150-180cc range. Now that New Apache 160 is positioned right there, how many of us think that BAL will let this happen? Atleast, I don’t think BAL will let this happen.

So what will they do? Simple, get a bike out in that segment.
How? With so many crank’s and piston’s in the arsenal, do a simple mix and match job. šŸ˜€

I did the same with some limited data I got with me.
Discover 135 got a Stroke of 50.8mm
P180 got a Bore of 63.5mm
So if this combination of Bore x Stroke can be mated, we will have a engine displacement of 160.9cc, Full 1.2cc more than what Apache 160 makes (159.7cc).

So when is this 161cc monster hitting roads? šŸ™‚