Welcome to 2009

A belated New Year wishes to everyone. Well, I got my New Year gift a bit early. Following is the picture of the gift, my son, born on 21-Dec-08.

My Son

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Just the way everyone make new year resolutions, I have made myself a few and you can see some of them right here in next few days.


In Nov’08 when I had Canon EFS 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS Lense of my friend lying around I saw this bright object wandering in dark sky filled with stars. I realised I haven’t captured this bright object in my camera ever, not becuase I never thought about it but it was due to lack of enough zoom at my disposal.

The bright object ala Moon as captured on 11-Nov-08.

Full Moon

Moon as captured on 20-Nov-08.


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Yamaha R One Five (R15) – The Number’s

Yamaha R15

After months of speculation all over the internet in various discussion board/forum, Yamaha has officially announced the much awaited figures of the R15.

With the rumors quoting power of the bike in excess of 20bhp, the official figure stands at 17PS. Reading the response, I believe Yamaha officials were very smart in keeping the figures secret until the last day else the comments like following would have been floating on the various discussion forums for months.

“Just 17PS”

“My XYZ bike makes more power”

“My ABC bike is just behind in power”

After all discussing all about a bike, without even test riding it, is a born right of every internet savy “biker” :-).

Now with the gearing numbers also out, I entered them into my Excel spreadsheet and the numbers I saw were a bit shocking.

Primary Reduction: 3.042

Secondary Reduction: 3.000

Rear Tyre size: 100/80×17

Ratio ->

2.833 1.875 1.364 1.143 0.957 0.84
RPM 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear 5th Gear 6th Gear
1000 4.32 6.52 8.97 10.70 12.78 14.56
2000 8.63 13.04 17.93 21.40 25.56 29.12
3000 12.95 19.57 26.90 32.10 38.33 43.67
4000 17.27 26.09 35.86 42.79 51.11 58.23
5000 21.58 32.61 44.83 53.49 63.89 72.79
6000 25.90 39.13 53.79 64.19 76.67 87.35
7000 30.21 45.65 62.76 74.89 89.45 101.90
7500 32.37 48.91 67.24 80.24 95.83 109.18
8000 34.53 52.17 71.72 85.59 102.22 116.46
8500 36.69 55.44 76.20 90.94 108.61 123.74
9000 38.85 58.70 80.69 96.29 115.00 131.02
9500 41.01 61.96 85.17 101.64 121.39 138.30
10000 43.16 65.22 89.65 106.99 127.78 145.58

PS: The above numbers are based on the gearing of the bike. They do not take into account the clutch slip, air drag and other such factors.

Now with the bike making max torque at 7,500rpm (15Nm), the cruising speed can be 109km/hr in top gear. With the max power being made at 8,500rpm (17PS), a speed of 123km/hr should be easily attained. Now these are just numbers, how quickly bike can reach there, will only be known once someone is able to strap a data logging equipment to the bike.

Going by just the numbers, I belive the bike should be able to meet the claims of Yamaha official that this bike will be the fastest amongst all Indian bikes, in straight line.

So, how do these numbers fare against ZMA and Pulsar 220 DTSFi? I’ll put up the charts for those two bikes in next few hours, just for some more number munching. That reminds me, its lunch time now :-).

The official specifications can be found on Yamaha’s website.

May’08 Track Day: Kari Speedway, Coimbatore.

It was yet another track day organised by Anand at Kari Speedway, Coimbatore. My second visit, in a row. This time due to various reasons I was not able to take my bike. Thanks to Killer (Sameer) who loaned me his Apache, I had a ride for the track day.

Now, I’ll not waste too much of time, enjoy some of the pictures.

20080511IMG_1689 20080511IMG_1690
20080511IMG_1691 20080511IMG_1692
Speedy entering chicane on Apache.

20080511IMG_1724 20080511IMG_1728
20080511IMG_1754 20080511IMG_1757
Subhash on RTR pulling stoppie and wheelie.

20080511IMG_1770 20080511IMG_1771

20080511IMG_1772 20080511IMG_1773
Dinesh on RTR through bowl.

20080511IMG_1776 20080511IMG_1777
20080511IMG_1778 20080511IMG_1779

Subhash on RTR through bowl.

20080511IMG_1783 20080511IMG_1784
20080511IMG_1785 20080511IMG_1786

Nav on Apache through bowl.

20080511IMG_1790 20080511IMG_1791
Joel on RTR through bowl.

Dan’s RD through bowl.

Keerthi on Shogun through bowl.


Nav on Apache through last corner.

Bike discussion in pit lane.

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Edit: Thanks to Kathir (friend of Dinesh) for taking the bowl pics.


Nah, this post is not about Neo or the R1 but it might be of Neo astride an R1.

Pune – undoubtedly the two wheeler capital of country, a city where you can witness people breaking traffic rules at the drop of a hat. If one fines all the violators just for one day, it won’t be a surprise if millionaires count goes up by one.

It was just another morning ride to office when I approach a traffic signal, glowing red. Though the faster vehicles in front of me simply turned a blind eye towards the red light, I somehow didn’t feel in a hurry and instead of going with the flow of violators, I slowed down and stopped. Standing standstill while a couple of more vehicles went by, drivers of them probably had early morning laughter at my expense. Then suddenly one car driver applied brakes and stopped right next to me and few second’s later vehicles started to stop for the red light instead of ignoring it.

After a tiring day, I was headed back to home. Like everyday, it was a sea of vehicles of road. As I approach a traffic signal, which is always ignored by people as it is on a ‘T’ junction with the traffic coming only from right side of ‘T’ arm; I saw the light glowing red. I decided to stop, vehicles suddenly started to stop.

It seems most of people in city likes to go with the flow. Not many look at traffic signal (not their fault because many time either the signal is not working or the light bulb are fused), they just follow the flow of vehicles. So for them to stop on a traffic signal, which is easy to break, either due to low traffic on junction or being on a ‘T’ junction it probably needs someone to take the initiative and STOP.

Just like they need someone to take the initiative to STOP, it just needs one person to jump a red light to have a group of vehicles follow him, as if they all were tied to the first vehicle. Looks like most of people on road don’t have the intelligence to take the decision as to what is correct and what is wrong for them.

I have decided to be the ONE who is going to STOP at the red light; there are many ONE’s who jumps the red light. So which ONE are you? I know it is very easy to say that no one follows the traffic rule in my city but that’s a very lame excuse of one also not following it.

Just remember if you want to be the ONE who stops, people who are following you are not expecting you to stop. So make sure you don’t apply brakes suddenly. Your brake light is in working order. Keep an eye in your RVM’s before you slow down to making sure you are not going to be plastered on the road by the vehicle behind you. In the end, do not stop in the middle of road but stop on the side.

Slow Sync …

Pug-OT, a yahoo group I’m a member of have started a very useful thread TOTW (Technique Of The Week). As you could have guessed now, Slow Sync was the first topic of TOTW. As a beginner with photography, it was a nice learning experience for me.

Slow Sync – A technique in which we fire the flash along with slow shutter speed. One use of it, as shown in the above image, is to increase the illumination of background.

Following are some of the links I read to learn about this technique
Flash Photography Made Simple

Slow Sync Flash

In the above image, the top picture is clicked in Full Auto Mode and the bottom picture is clicked in Manual mode. Following are the details.
Top Pic: Auto(1/60sec, f/3.5, 18mm, ISO400, Pattern Metering).
Bottom Pic: M(6sec, f/3.5, 18mm, ISO400, Partial Metering).

Camera: Canon 400D
Lens: 18-55

Agent Smith was right …

Today morning I replied to a post by a friend who in his car, ran over a dog. Thankfully he could see the little pup limping off the road, so he was spared by the murder of an innocent living being. Yes, the little pup was in the middle of his extended sleep and forgot that the traffic on his bed, which is referred by humans as “road”, is going to go up.

While I was talking about the same with my friend suddenly we realized that instead of animals, we humans are to be blamed to an extent for such accidents. Why? Most of the animals like dog, cat, donkey, cow, horse, etc are domestic animals. Ideally its our responsibility to keep them in a controlled environment and when we fail to do that, unaware of what development humans have done, these animals venture out on their own and often land up on road hitting our vehicles.

We are to be blamed for another reason. These animals would have been living happily away from civilization in jungles but the way we humans are replicating and consuming natural resources, including jungles, these animals are made homeless by us as we cut down jungles.

So when Agent Smith in the popular movie Matrix compared humans to virus, a disease organism (that replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy the environment). The comparison isn’t too wrong. So like he said, has the time come for machines to take the control from us?