Agent Smith was right …

Today morning I replied to a post by a friend who in his car, ran over a dog. Thankfully he could see the little pup limping off the road, so he was spared by the murder of an innocent living being. Yes, the little pup was in the middle of his extended sleep and forgot that the traffic on his bed, which is referred by humans as “road”, is going to go up.

While I was talking about the same with my friend suddenly we realized that instead of animals, we humans are to be blamed to an extent for such accidents. Why? Most of the animals like dog, cat, donkey, cow, horse, etc are domestic animals. Ideally its our responsibility to keep them in a controlled environment and when we fail to do that, unaware of what development humans have done, these animals venture out on their own and often land up on road hitting our vehicles.

We are to be blamed for another reason. These animals would have been living happily away from civilization in jungles but the way we humans are replicating and consuming natural resources, including jungles, these animals are made homeless by us as we cut down jungles.

So when Agent Smith in the popular movie Matrix compared humans to virus, a disease organism (that replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy the environment). The comparison isn’t too wrong. So like he said, has the time come for machines to take the control from us?

Discovering ride to Pawana

CBZ and the destination in backdrop

When captain told me about a new road that he has discovered, how can we miss the oportunity to ride on it. After discussing with Captain we found its the one that comes out near Mutha (one I looked curiously during my last ride to Mutha). Now just riding on it to reach Mutha was a bit less than normal plan, so we extended it to ride to Lonawala via Pawana. So the ride was planned for Sunday, 4th Nov 2007, early morning and invitations to Nomads were send. In the end it was me on CBZ, Captain on his Pulsar220 and Nehal on her RX100 who started the ride.

As usual we grouped at Chandani Chowk by 6:30 and after tanking up our bikes we headed towards NDA. Yes, Captain has taken the permission so that we can ride through NDA to reach the new route.

After doing the paperwork at NDA entrance we headed towards Peacock Bay end to exit NDA. 10km into the ride and at Peacock bay we were now coming out on a road, I’m riding for the first time. Its a narrow and scenic road. With hills on one side and farms with Khadakwasala dam’s water beyond them. Will be at its best during monsoon for sure.

Backwater of Khadakwasala dam

Backwater of Khadakwasala dam & CBZ

Though the road condition is not the best with some broken patches in middle, its still worth riding on. After some 21km’s from Peacock Bay we reached the point where it joins Mutha ghat.

View from the bottom of Mutha Ghat

After a small break, we all ripped up the Ghat, which was as good as always. After coming down Mutha ghat, we headed towards Pirangut. The road is wide with great tarmac and some free flowing twisties.

At Pirangut, we took the left turn towards Paud, a destination which is some 20odd km’s, we reached after riding for almost 50km’s. From Paud we got off the SH and turned right towards Pawana. The road is back to a narrow one with some bad stretches in between.

The first view of Pawana was very different from last time. There is a lot more brownish-green grass on the road side, due to which we missed the trail that would have taken us to a better view point. Also there is plenty of more water right now. Due to lots of haze, the camera’s were not able to capture a good view of the scenery.

Pawana and Tung fort covered in Haze

View from Top

After a small break we headed towards the Boat club as we all were hungry by now. As we crossed the Pawana dam, I wrongly took the right turn at a ‘T’ junction, which I realised after we have ridden for few km’s. Once we asked the locals about the destination of this road as Kamshet, there was no turning back. After all it will still take us to our homes :-) . So we carried on the second discovery of the ride. This road is a typical village road, with lots of bad patches in between. Enroute, we gave the turnoff to Kamshet a miss as we realised that the road will still take us to Pune.

Discovering the road

Since we were all very hungry by now, so we pulled over to a small road side hotel to feast of hot tea and hot bhajis. Home is not too far now, so once we were done munching, we kick started the last part of the ride.

Discovering the road

View of Expressway

By the time we came out back on NH4, we have already covered 97km’s and now it was time to twist the wrist and gobble km’s at faster pace. By 11:15 we all split at Wakad, having covered 113km’s into the ride.

So couple of roads were discovered to ride on during rains, as thats the best time to enjoy this part of country. Ofcourse, we can always ride to Pawana to view what would be some breath taking sunrise and sunset views.

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Frank Thomas: FTW260 Sprint Aqua Jacket

Me and My Riding Jacket

On 29th June 2007, I bought this jacket from Praveen Shirali (another BikeNomad and a colleague).

A much needed safety gear. Fit and finish is good (have not used any other jacket, except for a few plain leather ones). It fit me like it is made for my size 🙂 Best gear I have used for rain riding (100% rain protection as long as you don’t open the jacket in rain). No plans to crash test the jacket so that part will wait till lady luck is not with me.

Hypertec technical fabric construction

Aquapore Advanced waterproof, breathable membrane lining
– Upper chest & lower back ventilation system
– Sleeve stud adjusters
– Air-flow ventilation system
– Single shell CE Approved removable armor in shoulders and elbows


A technically advanced high performance breathable material. Designed to maximize abrasion resistance without compromising rider comfort. Hypertec has twice the abrasion resistance of nylon, and over fourteen times the durability of cotton.

Aquapore Advanced
The Aquapore Advanced system is an improved breathable, waterproof membrane. The membrane allows perspiration to transpire through but will not allow water in, providing 100% waterproof protection.

All details about jacket can be found here

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The World’s Fastest Indian

Burt Munro played by Anthony Hopkins exceptionally well. After watching the movie I was left searching for accolades for the super human – Burt Munro. I can’t say that I have followed all the sports in detail but there is only one another person who can come close to Burt in terms of defying all odds and exceeding well and he will be Lance Armstrong.

Burt has a dream as a small kid to run on the Bonneville salt Flats in Utah and finally he live his dream at an age when people retire waiting for the end to come.

I have some dreams and whenever I feel like them not materializing, I know whom to look upto. Hats off to Burt.

I say a must watch to anyone who dream.
A must watch to anyone who love bikes.
A must watch to the fans of Anthony Hopkins.
I say oh just go and watch it mate.

“If you don’t follow through on your dreams, you might as well be a vegetable”.

Feels like … no words to describe

She is my daughter. Born on 26th Nov 2006 at 17:11hrs.

What a day it was, morning I was out riding my RX along with Speed Gun for some speed testing. While having breakfast, I got a call from my wife that we need to visit the doctor. On reaching doctor’s place, she was admitted and in evening baby arrived. Both mom and daughter are doing good.

If you ask me what was more exciting:
1. Never ending pull of the RX in 3rd gear resulting in tank slaper’s kind of feeling, nearing the top end.
2. Watching the baby looking at me with her little eyes, opening her mouth, showing me her tongue.
Any day 2 as 1, I can exp again and again as and when I want.

Let me now stop and let the pictures of cutie do the talking.