Agent Smith was right …

Today morning I replied to a post by a friend who in his car, ran over a dog. Thankfully he could see the little pup limping off the road, so he was spared by the murder of an innocent living being. Yes, the little pup was in the middle of his extended sleep and forgot that the traffic on his bed, which is referred by humans as “road”, is going to go up.

While I was talking about the same with my friend suddenly we realized that instead of animals, we humans are to be blamed to an extent for such accidents. Why? Most of the animals like dog, cat, donkey, cow, horse, etc are domestic animals. Ideally its our responsibility to keep them in a controlled environment and when we fail to do that, unaware of what development humans have done, these animals venture out on their own and often land up on road hitting our vehicles.

We are to be blamed for another reason. These animals would have been living happily away from civilization in jungles but the way we humans are replicating and consuming natural resources, including jungles, these animals are made homeless by us as we cut down jungles.

So when Agent Smith in the popular movie Matrix compared humans to virus, a disease organism (that replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy the environment). The comparison isn’t too wrong. So like he said, has the time come for machines to take the control from us?

3 thoughts on “Agent Smith was right …”

  1. I see Nav you’re becoming quite a cynic. I don’t quite remember being an optimist , but I do remember slowly turning cynical , perhaps nihilist.

    Problem with our species – we’re more prone to act on warm emotion than cold logic. And those who can manipulate our emotions control us. Politicians, for example. Journalists , for example. Bollywood stars , cricketers ….in short the people who control the masses are the most unproductive ones ,yet they’re valued the most.

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