Come, lets walk down my memory lane …

I was thinking of keying down these posts for long time but when I was replying to a thread on BN, I realized I need to take out some time and key in some of the moments from my past.

So, if you have time and are willing, come let’s walk …

One thought on “Come, lets walk down my memory lane …”

  1. Hey Navendu,

    I had the opportunity to study from you in one of the batches of DAC .
    I was just googling about the interesting persons i had ever known and your name cropped up in mind and googled for that and THERE IT WAS the first hit itself was this site.

    Still remember your story of Pune to Rohtang pass and further trip when you were just back from that, and the reply you gave when some one asked you after the whole story on , What is the moral of the story 🙂 do you remember that ?


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