“Torque factory” – First Impression

Last night I got a chance to swing my leg over the new AVL 500 ala Machismo 500LB. Thanks to the owner of bike, Dr. Vistasp Sethna.

Starting the bike using the thumb was a breeze, no more decompressing the engine and kicking it is required but given a choice, I’ll go with the kick.

The clutch felt lighter than some of the other Bullets I have test ridden and the gear shift was smooth by Bullet standard. OK, once you get used to riding a Bullet, you don’t find these as a problem ;-)

Initially I was hesitant to pull the bike hard as I thought its still in running in but once I got the go ahead from the courageous owner sitting as pillion, I started to pull the bike. Since I was in city, I could run out of empty stretch but the bike would keep on pulling and pulling and pulling in 3rd and 4th gear and I had to short shift to top gear. Can’t wait to ride it on the open highway and looking at things, the day is not too far away.

Having owned and ridden a Bullet with drum and disc brakes, it was a relief to have disc upfront which was doing well to control the pace of the flying mass of 350+kg.

With bike making such a humongous amount of torque you are forgiven for being in a gear too high, while accelerating out of traffic.

What I miss in the bike is the sound and thump of the standard 350/500. Well you can’t have your share of pie and have it as well, right?

For a new bike, nearing 3,500km mark and which has just returned from a attempt to SS1600 in which, it managed to cover 1,400km in a day. I’m impressed by the bike but as I already own a Bullet, I’ll give it a miss. But I’m always welcome for a small stint on this bike any day, any time, any where :-)

I’m looking forward for the day when I might get a chance to ride this torque monster out of city limits and a voice from deep inside me is saying, hang on the day is not too far away. So just wait for that day to come and a post from me sharing the experience I’m looking forward to. Till then work hard, ride harder.

5 thoughts on ““Torque factory” – First Impression”

  1. comeon Nav.. whats this… a teaster ??? come one Nav…. do something.. take that thing out to the place where it belongs to…. the big question i always had in my mind about the 500 was… are those torque figures really that impressive over the 350 machismo ?? i mean for a 350 bull owner .. does he feel really impressed to say that “i’d choose this over a 350 anyday ” ???

    i’ve never ridden a 500 ever… but i was bowled over by the 350 machismo… or even the std/electra… i try to keep away from bullets coz i dont wanna start pitying my other bikes 😛

  2. @Nithin: Its not my bike, so had to content with what the owner let me do with it 🙂
    Regarding 350 vs 500, let me share my exp with both std models, I have ridden. In one line, I’ll say, there is no comparision. 500 is way better than 350 when it comes to pulling power.
    I guess the same will be between AVL350 and AVL500 as well. Between std500 and avl500, avl is better.

    @Nandu: Don’t want to sell Electra. Don’t want to own two Bullets. So, I’ll give it a miss.

  3. hmm why do not want to own two Bullets ?

    I actually wouldn;t mind owning two Karizma’s ( the older series with perhaps Japanese made parts preferable ) or 220’s, though in realistic terms I’d rather diversify and get a different “type” of bike.

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