Mahabaleshwar, 16 Sep 2006

Went for a small ride to Mahabi on Saturday. Nothing much to write about the ride, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking ;-)

Started around 9ish in morning. I had CBZ for the company. Right after I start the ride, CBZ odo hit 33,333.3


Tyre check, right after practicing cornering at Khambatki Ghat. Front is 2.75×18 Zapper FV and rear is 100/90×18 Zapper ‘Q’.


Right after I climbed the ghat from Wai to Panchgani, went off towards a table top land. A view from there of the valley and hills.

View View View

Food: Pizza at Mapro


Some view between Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.

View View View View View

On NH4, riding into “heavy” rains.

On NH4 On NH4 Shades of clouds

Few meters before I enter into a rain zone of such magnitude, I have never ridden in my whole life on NH4. Rain was so strong that due to poor visiblity even cars had pulled over.

Rain zone Rain zone

On the way back, got a chance to ride thru the newely constructed but yet to “officially” open Katraj tunnel.

Distance covered = ~220km
Mileage = 31.74km/lt

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  1. Nice pics… the tyres indicate some delicious roads! And that pizza… is that corn pizza? What cam did u use? And did you let Flickr resize the pics, or did you resize urself? I asked coz they are quite sharp even after the resizing.

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