Bidding adieu to rains

Rains are almost gone after creating havoc (exposing how much money to build roads, went into pockets of our politicians) in and around Pune city. So, we at BikeNomads decided to have a intercity meet (Bombay and Pune) at Tamahini Ghat. Nomads from Bombay took NH17 till Kolad before turning towards Tamahini Ghat whereas we Pune Nomads took the amazing road towards Mulshi from ChandaniChowk before heading towards Tamahini Ghat.

Looking at the condition of road to Mulshi from Chandani Chowk, which was build before rains, one is left wondering why do Pune roads are in such a bad condition whereas almost nothing has hapenned to Mulshi road. Specially when it rains much more in Mulshi area, as compared to Pune.

We were 5 Nomads from Pune on three bikes (Captain Nandu and his wife on Red Avenger, Me and Arpan on Black CBZ and Biswa on Red Pulsar 180 DTSi ‘Black’ edition). We started from Chandani Chowk at around 08:40am. Keeping the speed to around 60 for most of time, we enjoyed the greenery which will soon be gone. Our first stop was just before descending Pirangut Ghat, where Biswa and Nandu filled up their machines. Road were almost perfect and hardly wet due to no rains. So the twisties and straights were enjoyed by all the riders.

As we approached Mulshi gate the road got bad, still better than many of Pune roads. While passing the Mulshi gate, we stopped to take a view of the valley (sadly I lost all my pics clicked here due to a corrupted memory card). Next item on our agenda was to have breakfast. This time we decided to give our regular breakfast place a pass and stop ahead at Quick Bite. The place is much more cleaner and food is also tasty (looks like this will be our new halting point during future rides).

After breakfast we continued our ride, the road got bumpy and not in best of condition at many places. Potholes, gravel, stones (from landslides) were more frequent now, as we moved more and more away from civilization.

Nearing Tamahini, clouds started to gather and soon it started to drizzle which didn’t take too long to turn into rain, forcing us to take shelter. Time for another round of tea with which we enjoyed rain and clouds, which were all around us. (Again all the pics I clicked here are gone due to a corrupted memory card). As rain stopped we headed towards Tamahini, the road at the start of ghat was good but as we start the descend, potholes started to appear. Stopping everynow and then to admire and try to capture the beauty in our cameras, we headed towards the bottom of Tamahini ghat.

Reaching Ville we stopped there for Bombay guys to join us. It was all sunny with some dark clouds visible at horizon. It didn’t took long for those clouds to come closer and shower water all over the place.

After waiting for sometime, Bombay group consisting of One Gladiator, Two yezdi’s and a Fiero, arrived. Round of introduction with some discussion over tea followed. It was time for the combined group to ride up Tamahini ghat towards Quick Bite for lunch. Climbing up, while clicking some pictures, my camera’s memory card got corrupted, so I formatted it and lost all the good pictures I have clicked so far). Here are some pictures which I clicked after formatting the card.

Water fall at Tamahini Ghat Water fall at Tamahini Ghat
From top of Tamahini Ghat From top of Tamahini Ghat

The progress of group towards lunch destination was a bit slow but with not many stops, lead group stopping for the backmarkers (me and arpan being at the end of group) to catch up. Arpan now decided to take more roles than being just a pillion. So he started to count how many times the rear suspension of CBZ bottomed out going over the bumpy roads and also shared some of his photographic skills.

Towards Mulshi Valley of Clouds

Like always, the lead group has once again stopped just before the turnoff towards Lonawala for us to catch up. Here I decided to venture out on the route towards Lonawala to click a valley I got to know about on my office discussion forum. Arpan was not too keen to ride as pillion looking at the road condition but Biswa was interested to come. So Arpan and Biswa swapped positions. Praveen also followed us with his wife on Gladiator, while the rest of group headed towards lunch destination.

The road was bumpy and the climb was steep at many places that CBZ needed to be pulled in 1st or 2nd gear with pillion. With the road being wet and broken at many places, bike could loose momentum at crucial places. Finally after a couple of km’s ride we reached the destination. We parked the bikes on road side and started to walk towards valley. The route was slippery enough that one mistake and one would spend his whole life at the bottom of valley living like Tarzan (in case he survived the fall).

Amazing Valley enroute to Lonawala Golf course?

After spending a few minutes near the valley we headed to meet up with the rest of group over lunch.

Mulshi Lake

As we reach Quick Bite, the rest of group has already ordered lunch, making it easy for me to decide which is the best dish to order. As it turned out the “combo” meal was the most favourite amongst us. During lunch I got to know about one Nomad (Ronaldo) who has walked all over from Pune to Bombay. It was really nice meeting up with so many people for the first time. After lunch, it was time for a group snap.

(L to R) Nandu's Wife, Captain Nandu, Arpan, Partha, Praveen and his wife, Duke, Roaldo (person who has walked from Pune to Bombay)

Bombay group has decided to return via Lonawala and for that they will take the road from Mulshi. Like always me and Arpan were right behind everyone and while trying to shoot this picture we missed the opportunity to see off Bombay group.


Ride now was going to be borin as we were heading back to city limits which means, traffic, pollution, bad roads and what not. Around 05:00pm we reached Chandani Chowk, covering around 170km round trip (Bike gave an average of just over 34km/lt during the ride). After a small chat we all dispersed towards our destinations.

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  1. Hi All..!

    This was great experience visiting the site , i m a frequent visitor of this site, i love the explanations of the trip and the photos clicked. This snaps are great , missed the photo which go corrupted. I m too a visitor of Pune on the bike. I m having a Red ZMA. Hey guys why didn’t u had cofee at chandini chowk , it is the best expresso. Great People , Great Pics , Great Destinations….! Keep It Up…!


  2. So what did you have for breakfast Nav bhai? kitne chicken families to mukti dilaayee? 🙂 Nice write ups and its a shame you lost those pics. Enjoyed the writeup although a few pics of the chicken combo would ahve made it more interesting. 🙂

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