[F1] Will he continue?

Michael Schumacher – Seven times World Champion (More Championships than anyone else in the history of F1 racing). 89 Times climbed onto the top spot on podium (More Wins than anyone else in the history of F1 racing), 153 times stepped onto podium, 246 GP Starts, 68 Pole Positions, Currently the oldest man racing in F1. These are just a few achievements of one of the greatest F1 driver ever.

With the 2006 season of F1 just 4 races away from conclusion and Michael 12 points behind Alonso in the race for another World Championship crown. Talks are doing the rounds about the future of multi times World Champion. will he quit racing at the end of season or will be carry on for another year or two?

There are talks going around saying that if Michael wins this year he should retire immediately. Though considering that he will be 38 by the time 2007 season will be about to start. It is difficult to expect him still racing but no matter what happens in the championship this year, I would like him to race for one more year, especially when Kimi Raikkonen has happened to sign a contract with Ferrari for next season.

Still remember the days when Michael in Ferrari used to fight with Mika Hakkinen in McLaren Mercedes for Championship and many people used to wonder if it is the car or the driver, why one is winning? There were suggestions that both the drivers should race in the same car but it was not possible then.

Now there is one chance in front of Michael to pit himself against a good young driver. There is no denying that in Ferrari every teammate of Michael is given No 2 status but for one year Michael can ask team to give equal support to both drivers, so that both (Michael and Kimi) can race on equal grounds. This way Michael can find out if the young drivers in F1 are good enough or not. Since Michael has said in past, he will quit racing when there are young drivers faster than him, this is one chance for him to really show the world that he still has what it takes to fight with the best F1 drivers of the next generation.

Another reason why I want Michael to race for one more season is that, there is a chance for him to become the first ever F1 driver to win 100 races, which I doubt anyone in future will be able to come close, forget beating. Not that his current records will be easy to beat.

Keeping my fingers crossed till the end of Itallian GP, when Ferrari is going to announce their next year driver line up.

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