8 thoughts on “09 Nov 2004 Ride to North India trip log added”

  1. Nav,

    Simply mindblowing stuff. You really set the benchmark for m-touring. Hope to do the same like you…Stanley going after Livingstone’s adventures!

    Get yourself some hard luggage, removable would be fine. Even I had a negative image of them, but now I have removable baggage and I simply cant think of a ride without them. You can carry more/less the same stuff in safety and they wont keep moving around.

    Also try a windscreen and hand guard, atleast when riding in cold places.

    Keep many of these coming..!

  2. Hey bro!!

    U took some time to get this log done, but its comprehensive! A whole hearted ride and the same thing reflects in your log.

    Great ride Nav, hope to see u do east india ride also!!

  3. Oh Yeah Buddy some ride that was
    will be going to north India for a month of driving in september. This page was just the inspiration i needed for doing Mumbai – Udaipur in a day with parents in car.

  4. Hrishi: The last day, in the end, was the best 🙂

    Prathap: Windscreen, well didn’t find much of a problem so far, so might not be going for one in future.

    Kamlesh: Will be riding to East for sure. When? No idea 🙁

    Rohan: Good luck for your ride.

    Thanks guys for reading the trip log and liking it.

  5. hey bro,
    i wish i could get a chance to do something like this someday. simply fantastic.. keep goin


  6. Well, after a long time I had a good reading and imagined all the lovel roads you have been through. Keep up the adventures .

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