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21 thoughts on “Need your feedback”

  1. probs..but the image… on top right…u cud lighten the watermark…..its killin the beauty of the scenery.

  2. Dear Navendu,
    Enjoy reading about your trips. Keep it up and add more to your blabbering. It fun reading the contents on this site. Can’t get enough!!!

    Take Care and Enjoy,

  3. Hey Navendu,

    This is Sudhir, your classmate in Union Academy.

    Remember me.

    Do write in in free time.

    Sudhir Arora

  4. Hey Sir,,
    this is sahil ur cdac student from last batch aug2006,
    read u blog, its great see ur passion for bikking,
    i have also great interest in this, but never tried to do it.
    But after reading ur ispiring blog i’ll definetly make some small trips and will be looking for ur guidence.


  5. Sir ,

    I m Ur CDAC ACTS student of batch AUG ,
    I m currently preaparing for NOKIA

    I need some of good book on c++ ,
    So plz give me list for both beginner as well as advanced user ,
    Also if possible plz add some column in this web

  6. Navendu Sir,

    I’m one of the fauji crowd that you taught @ 2002, before our friends forced us to take a break.
    I need to talk to you if possible, else, if you could mail me, we could take this further


  7. Hi !

    Very nice to come across your blog..
    Very well written and managed.. My compliments !
    Will get in touch with you soon.


  8. Hi Nav,

    Hope you doing well. I was hunting for your SS record attempt and a near miss on a Unicorn some time back. I guess its not listed in the index on the right side. Please do. Though I found it but not after lot of googling around on the net and searching on BP and BN 🙂

    So hows life going on and hows the RTR doing?



  9. Doing fine Deepak.
    Problem is that only the few most recent posts can be shown in the right index. I’m woking on something that will provide a better way to browse, lets see when can I finish it. 🙂
    RTR has gone back to Dilip. It was wonderful having it in my garage.

  10. Hello Sir…..
    I am your CDAC-DAC current batch’s nice to see your website.
    It’s really amazing….n congrates to be father…..plz don’t mind for my english….
    sir can we ask you any problems releted to C & C++ if you allow…..

    Thank You,

  11. Nice blog u have there navendu…
    happy new year to you…
    i have been a student of mr. bam in one of the personality development courses in igtr aurangabad…i would like to have his advise on pulsar 135cc model…m planning to buy it…
    u seem to be riding along with him for quite a few trips(btw i like your photography..)…if u have his number or active mail id please inform me…u have my email id …
    thanx in advance…

  12. Hi,
    Hope you are doing fine.

    Planning for Sikkim in November on my Apache 150 (2006 model). Two querries
    1. Any adjustement to Carburettor required at the altitute if yes, what? (Checked with bike guru, he redirected to you!!)
    2. Changing both tyre and tube, the garage guy advised to go for Tubeless, not sure if this will create a problem, any guidance on this?

    Aditya Godbole

  13. Greetings,

    On behalf of team Michelin, we are trying to build a data base for auto bloggers and auto enthusiasts. I would like to request your e-mail id, contact number and city details so that we can reach out to you for any exciting happenings and events.

    Looking forward to your reply. 🙂

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