4 thoughts on “03 June 2006 Goa ride trip log added”

  1. Hi Nav sir,
    I was going through your recent Goa ride’s writeup. Thanks for putting up a detailed log, will help motorcycle touring buffs like me.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Dude,
    We must do a ride next time I am in town.
    I hope you will not make any excuses like you made last time.

  3. dear nav,
    i read your full article and felt as though i was there alongwith you on this journey.i am a highway buff especially NH17.i am from goa but settled in bombay.always i make trips via the bus.if someone offered me free train tickets i would prefer to travel by road..while travelling i be awake the whole night just to grasp the view of the highway.sometimes i request the driver to allow me to sit in the cabin.i love to journey and hopefully in the near future i would like to do it your way.ie once i can afford a bike.keep up your journey and ride safe.
    god bless

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